Anto Pratten is the founder and director of Dredging Systems.
Starting out as a commercial diver Anto specialised in underwater construction, working in remote locations on projects for the oil and gas industry, underwater bridge, wharf and pipeline work, he saw first-hand the amount of material that flows into our industrial ponds, rivers, mines creeks and beaches.

In 1995 Anto started designing and building stormwater traps and booms to tackle the issue of material flowing into waterways, ponds and dams. These stormwater traps now operate around Australia, Asia and the US. (www.stormwatersystems.com)
The company’s first custom dredge was built for the Sydney Olympics to harvest and remove the underwater weed at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Dredging Systems was founded to provide unique equipment and skills to work underwater, excavating and pumping marine material. Dredging Systems has a strong client-focused approach and relishes on delivering quality work.

Dredging Systems operates across Australia and has completed work in PNG and Singapore.


Our capabilities

Dredging Systems has the mine specified equipment and trained staff to work in mine tailings dams, industrial ponds, irrigation dams, council wastewater systems, marinas, park ponds, lagoons, creeks, recreational ponds and beaches.

Its fleet includes transportable cutter suction and mechanical dredges as well as remote- controlled dredges to work safely in lined dams or toxic polluted liquids. Dredging Systems also has the equipment to harvest and remove underwater and floating marine weeds. It provides a turn-key solution to work across a large variety of environments using dredges, discharge pipes, booster pumps, barges and dewatering equipment.