Mining & Tailings

Dredging Systems has mine specified, road-transportable cutter-suction equipment to dredge and maintain mine tailings dams:

  • 25 tonne dredges for operating in clay-lined dams
  • 8 tonne remote controlled dredges for plastic lined dams or tight access dams.
  • Discharge pipes, booster pumps, barges and dewatering solutions, if required.
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Ponds & Dams

Dredging Systems has dredges that can either unload and “walk” themselves into ponds and dams, or be lifted into the water, if required. Any material that has flowed into or built up in ponds and dams can be removed, returning the dam or pond to its original water capacity and thus improving water quality. After dredging the material, Dredging Systems can transport, dry, treat and remove material, if required.

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Dredging Systems can remove any underwater sand, mud or sludge, increasing depth of boat berths and channels to their original design depth, and making safe boating operations possible.

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Rivers & Waterways

Dredging Systems’ amphibious dredges remove years of built-up material including sludge, weed, reeds and rubbish from environmentally sensitive rivers and creeks. By increasing a river’s capacity and returning it to its original depth, the water flow rate is increased, water quality is improved, and flooding is reduced to the surrounding area.

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Wastewater treatment

Dredging Systems’ remote-controlled dredges safely and efficiently remove sludge from council wastewater treatment facilities.

The dredged material can then be dewatered, dried, treated and removed by Dredging Systems if required.

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Weed harvesting

Dredging Systems has portable equipment that can both dig out heavy weed and roots, or cut and harvest marine weeds and floating vegetation.

It has the capability to load and transport weed from waterways to the banks or to recycling centres.

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