Dewatering Geobags

Dredging Systems has been using dewatering geobags for more than 15 years. Different sized bags – from 400m3 to 2000m3 capacity – can be supplied.

Dewatering bags are efficient in capturing fine material under 100 microns (μm) in size.

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Portable dewatering equipment

Dredging Systems’ fleet of transportable mechanical dewatering equipment can dewater material which is then pumped straight from dredges and loaded into piles or trucks.

The equipment is suitable for materials such as sand or materials with a particle size greater than 100 microns (μm)

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Portable Geopools

Dewatering dredge spoil in dewatering pools is a good system for treating larger volumes of material. Unlike geobags, which can only be used once, dewatering pools can be used multiple times.

Portable pool 1 Dewatering Pond 4 Portable pool 4